We are passionate young entrepreneurs who are on the lookout for all the latest innovations in the field of green building.

Simon Gaudreault
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Étienne Vigneron

A great lover of the outdoors and a family man, Simon has sought in recent years to reconcile his greatest passions with his profession for the benefit of future generations! This led him to want to continually improve his techniques and seek to learn from experts in resource efficiency. His mission: to revolutionize the field of construction with innovative techniques and environmentally friendly materials in order to offer a healthy and sustainable future! With over 15 years of experience on construction sites including 5 years as a general contractor, Simon is an outstanding manager who will be committed to carrying out your project down to the last detail.

Project Manager at ÉcoNovation, Étienne's mission is to fight climate change through green building. With his extensive experience in the field (conventional construction, renovation, alternative construction sites (straw, hemp, earthship) and construction of high performance houses), he is able to design and build healthy, sustainable and affordable homes. His latest achievement is the design and self-construction of his passive solar home to be certified LEED Platinum. Étienne has recently been trained by PHIUS Builder Training and is now ready to help you build buildings that meet the highest standards of performance!

Roselyn Ruben
Chief Operating Officer

Dynamic lifestyle entrepreneur, passionate and on the lookout for all the latest innovations related to the field of green building and agriculture. She oversees the team seeking the satisfaction of all contributors. Her experience has allowed her to develop outstanding communication skills. She will know how to listen to you with patience to fully understand all your needs and answer all your questions. Always looking for solutions, she promotes a fluid organization between all the stakeholders in the realization of your project!