Maison Southern Comfort, Waterloo, Qc

Waterloo, Eastern Townships

High performing house certified LEED Platinum and inspired by the passivhaus certification. Bioclimatic in design, it has been integrated into its environment to optimize passive solar gain in winter and stay cool in summer. 80% more energy efficient than a house built to the standards of the current building code, it stands out by the fact that only natural and recycled materials were used for its realization. A healthy home in harmony with nature that combines aesthetics, comfort and durability!

Maison solaire passif | Solar passive home

L'Acadie, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

A single story house with passive solar design. Built with double framed exterior walls and insulated concrete forms, the insulation of this house is well above current standards. Local wood species for floors and woodwork as well as salvaged materials like kitchen cabinets come to contribute to its unique cachet. The owners have lent a hand throughout the project and have really given this home the energy it radiates!

Agrandissement d'une maison

Ste-Julie, South Shore of Montreal

Major transformation of a residence of the late 70s to offer more space, comfort and give a touch of youth to this beautiful home. An expansion was made and a major modification of the structure to incorporate a garage and a larger family room. The design of the roof has also been modified to allow beautiful openings to the south to benefit from solar gain. To improve energy performance, the foundation of the enlargement was made with insulating concrete forms, a superior rock wool insulation was added in a double framework and the installation of a geothermal system completed the mechanics of this House.


St-Bruno, South Shore of Montreal

Rejuvenation of the exterior of this 1980's house with a high-quality terrified wood accent to give it a new modern look. A choice of local essence was chosen to meet these purposes, the poplar!

Rénovation de sous-sol | Basement renovation

Boucherville, South Shore of Montreal

Project executed in collaboration with Patrick Leblanc designer / founder of Conception Leblanc, this high-end renovation gives the client a space that reflects their image. Heated floor, fireplace, full bathroom and gym come to develop this family space.

Rénovation Commerciale Daoust Lestage | Commercial renovation Daoust Lestage

Montreal, Downtown

7000sqft commercial renovation project for architecture firm Dahoust Lestage.